Dangjin Hyundai steel plant port [당진 현대스틸 항만공사]

Location & Map


Port construction includes pier construction over 1km in length, different capacities ranging from 30,000 tons to 200,000 tons.

The caisson, which consists crucial part of the construction, was built as much as Korea’s largest size, measuring 33 meters in height and 11,000 tons in weight which was installed by using floating dock FD-15000.

This project produces 113 different sizes ranging from 2,700 to 11,000 ton, totaling 410,000 ton by applying FCL method. By successfully done the primary process of various capacities of port and pier construction for Hyundai Steel, Woongjin was recognized publicly as an offshore & civil works specialist in Korea as well as in the world.

본 공사의 주요내용은 3만톤, 5만톤, 10만톤, 20만통 등 1km이상의 부두를 시공하였고 주요공사 중 케이슨은 15000톤급 FD (floating dock)선을 동원하여 국내 최대 크기인 높이 33미터, 무게 11000톤에 달하는 케이슨을 제작, 설치하였습니다.

2700톤에서 11000톤까지의 각기 다른 케이슨 113개와 총 410,000톤의 케이슨을 FCL공법을 이용하여 완공하는 등 준설, 호안매립, 부두 상부공 등 항만 부두 주요 공정의 기술표준을 제시하였습니다.

  • Project name : Dangjin Hyundai steel plant port (당진 현대스틸 항만공사)
  • Project owner : Hyundai Steel Co. / Amco (현대제철(주) / 엠코(주))
  • Period : 2005.MAY ~ 2010.DEC
  • Summary :

Site development for steel plant port