Geoje Samsung shipyard project [삼성 거제 조선소 항만공사]

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One of remarkable accomplishment by Woongjin is 20years’ dockyard construction work at Samsung Geoje shipyard, located southeastern part of Korean peninsular.

Primary process of dry-dock construction is composed of caisson production and installation, dredging, pile driving, reclamation and wharf structure constructions. Woongjin has carried out the sophisticated offshore construction work precisely within shorten period by demonstrating its outstanding capabilities in an impeccable manner. As a result, client had kept Woongjin under its shoulder for more than 20 years.

한국의 거제에 위치한 삼성 조선소 항만 공사입니다. 항만주요 공정으론, 케이슨 제작 설치, 준설, 해상 및 육상 파일항타, 호안매립, 접안 부두조성 등이 있으며, 자사장비를 이용하여 전문기술이 수반되어야 하는 대형 조선소 항만공사를 우수한 운용능력으로 짧은 공사 기간 내에 완벽하게 시공을 하였습니다.

  • Project name : Geoje Samsung shipyard project (삼성 거제 조선소 항만공사)
  • Project owner : Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) (삼성중공업(주))
  • Period : 1992.FEB ~ 2012
  • Summary :

Caisson, dredging, pile driving, reclamation, quay wall